I’ve invented a unique technique which lasts a minimum of 7 months, causes no damage and allows the hair to grow naturally. FeelS light and natural to wear.

As part of our after-care package we can supply and advise on appropriate shampoo, conditioner, oils and also provide individual directions trailered to your hair.

Our after-care advice helps to maximise the life-time of your headlong extensions. Our aim is for your extensions to be washed and dried as you would your normal hair, though we will provide individual advice as part of the after care.


  • Try not to wash for at least 2 days after hair has been applied as this may cause primary discomfort as the weave will tighten slightly.
  • Don't use GHD straighteners as the temperature can't be adjusted. This needs to be adjusted depending on hair type. You will need straighteners that can be turned up to 235°C.
  • Do not brush when wet.
  • Take extra care to rinse between the weft thoroughly.
  • Wash with a downwards motion, pushing the shampoo in to the hair. Take time to wash in between the rows.
  • Wrap into a towel rather than rubbing with a towel. It is best to allow hair to dry naturally.
  • Use a large flat paddle brush not a comb.
  • Use a good name brand shampoo (Pantene Smooth and Sleek), or buy our specially designed extension products.
  • Add Moroccan oil before and after drying. (or when necessary)
  • Plait at night to avoid creating knots whilst sleeping.
  • Wash hair in bath and avoid showers.
  • Brush in-between each row at least once a week. (for long haired clients only)
  • Straighten after each wash.
  • For Mini-locks clients an appropriate brush will be supplied.


  • If you have a holiday booked then please speak to Michelle who will be happy to advise you on how to look after your extensions whilst away.